How to Get Greater Development Space for Furniture Enterprises

To solve the problem of formaldehyde, which has puzzled furniture industry for a hundred years, makes it possible for healthy zero formaldehyde. Furniture has changed from solid wood furniture to modern density board furniture. Density board is made of wood chips bonded with resin adhesives. Formaldehyde is inevitable in resin adhesives. Formaldehyde is distributed in residents'homes through furniture and decoration materials made of density board, which poses a great threat to human health and becomes a nightmare lingering in the modern furniture industry. And through the combination of polymer materials and wood chips and other powders made of new panels, because the polymer materials do not contain formaldehyde, so these new materials and furniture made of almost no formaldehyde release, to ensure people's health.

The criterion for judging the quality of furniture has changed from material value to use value. In the era of wood material furniture industry, the functions of furniture are the same, so the criteria for judging the quality of furniture are not only the workmanship, but also the precious degree of wood materials. Furniture made of rosewood, yellow pear, red wood, beech and other precious timber not only has practical functions, but also has been given the function of value preservation and increment. With the introduction of new materials into the field of furniture production, furniture has more shapes and functions, and there are obvious differences in comfort in use. The standard of furniture purchased after 90 and 00 has changed from paying attention to precious materials to favoring comfort and beauty.

Furniture enterprises should attach importance to the application of new materials in products, and turn the focus of research and development to creativity, shape, appearance, function and comfort of use, which will have greater development space.