The rapid rise of smart home industry

Attracted by the market volume, more and more enterprises begin to choose to enter the smart home market. It is understood that at present, enterprises in the smart home market can be divided into three categories: traditional home appliances manufacturers, security enterprises and Internet enterprises.

It is understood that Internet enterprises take intelligent voice as the entry point to seize the high-frequency consumption; at the same time, build intelligent life platform system, interconnect and cooperate between devices, so as to provide complete scenario-based intelligent services.

All enterprises enter the smart home market unexpectedly, which makes the smart home market gradually warming up. However, due to the short layout time and poor market application, the smart home industry has not yet formed a head brand. But it is undeniable that the players gradually began to attach importance to smart home market development, trying to share a piece of it.

Intelligent transformation of traditional household appliances manufacturers has three natural advantages

Product advantages. Traditional home appliances manufacturers know more about products, no matter from product appearance design, parts manufacturing, parts assembly technology, all aspects have excellent quality assurance.

(2) Channel advantages. Traditional home appliances manufacturers have more stable sales channels, mainly offline sales, which makes traditional home appliances manufacturers have more and more user experience groups.

(3) Synergistic advantage. Traditional household appliances have a good industrial circle, which can break through the horizontal industrial chain by virtue of product advantages, extend the traditional household appliances products to the direction of the Internet, and build an Ecosphere of smart home industry with its own industrial circle foundation, product technology and cooperation with Internet enterprises.